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the artist behind the pen

Art is something that I have been drawn to from a young age. I’ve always been a doodler. As a kid I would go to art galleries and I would stare at paintings on the wall, always finding something new in them. (Who am I kidding – I still do it now!) I had more sketch books then I could count and had the biggest collection of pens and pencils (some things don’t change as you get older).  My jotters and exercise books at school were always covered in doodles, as I affectionately called them, and even now if I am on a long phone call and there is a pen and paper to hand I can’t resist the urge to start doodling away.


As I grew up (sadly we all have to) – my doodling became a lot better and became more artistic. At first it was a bit of a comfort blanket which saw me through some fairly rough times when I was very unwell. Nowadays it is something I love to do. I am not sure what drew me to shapes but I remember learning about mosaics and being fascinated at how lots of little shapes made something so beautiful. There was something very magical to me at the effort that went into putting each piece together, like a puzzle, except you are the master and creator of every piece rather than the detective searching for parts. And the final result was breathtaking.


Claire de Souza

this is me


That prompted me to start drawing in exactly that way, finding pieces to put together. I play around with circles, triangles and squares or rectangles. Sometimes I will use pen and paper, other times I will draw it digitally. The process is exactly the same and takes just as long because I am either using a real pen or an Apple Pencil (although being digital might be a tad more eco-friendly!). It takes an incredibly long time for each piece to come together, the smallest picture will take hours to finish but the end result is always worth it.


Creating each piece brings me joy and when I create commissions or sell a print, it makes me happy knowing it will bring you joy too.


If you want something a little bit different just get in touch!


Claire x


P.S I was once asked about my favourite shape. It’s a hard question! I like drawing in triangles by hand the most, circles digitally and like my end products to be in squares…which is why you will find a lot of my prints and cards are square shaped!

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